RE: Companies Who Stand Up for Neuromuscular Truth

As you all know I am not a paid speaker or have any financial connections with any of these technologies, but I have been using the K7 technology for years and have seen tremendous value even when using real time EMGs to identify light closure premature contacts or heavy (Scan 12) at a less than 20 micron level.

Re: the technicalities previously mentioned regarding as Darick previously stated, “the downright cruel business practices …” of some competing companies who don’t have a heart or courage to stand up for a particular occlusal philosophy but rather conveniently market to any and all without regard for true NM dentistry in U.S. nor truly upholds credibility as to a neuromuscular principles and belief’s. Of course, many may not care because they don’t know the history and have seen it as Darik or I have seen it regarding the FDA. (By the way, Myotronics and the Jankelson brothers were vindicated credible by the U.S. House Commerce Oversight Subcommittee as well as the Inspector General, Department of Health and Human Services in 1995 after some deviant, lawless folks tried to rig a panel of experts to discredit Myotronics and the neuromuscular instrumentation amongst some in the higher levels of the ADA and influenced employees of the FDA. In short these folks were all exposed and resigned from their jobs – Read more at: They are opportunists who lurk on the side lines looking for opportunity to at the expense of Myotronics company who has always been sound in their commitment toward science, objective measurements and analysis of TMD and occlusal issues. They have been known leaders and pioneers in great quality technology for dentistry and chiropractics. Myo has taken their products and quality seriously to gain FDA approval and recognition to which BioResearch has not.

Here are some points of facts that I have observed about each company (BioResearch and Myotronics) that may give one some insight as to their dedication to Neuromuscular Occlusal philosophy and Dentistry:

1) 100% of the Occlusion Connections doctors who come for GNM training are all trained in NM K7 technology. Those doctors who have formerly owned and came with BioResearch technology assumed that it was the same as Myotronics eventually realized in our courses that the BioPak (Jaw Tracker) could not meet the standards of what we can accomplish with the K7 (Scan 4/5) and J5 Dental TENS, especially when recording our advanced Optimized Bite registration. Methods, techniques and understanding when using advanced instrumentation has been proven historically time and time again the K7 is accurate and superior.

2) In the U.S., BioResearch does not promote its entire unit as a complete system for bite registration. Their focus is their JVA what they claim is a diagnostic joint vibration device (that “indication” is not approved by the FDA).

3) The BioTens device is not promoted for bite registration applications because it is not cleared by the FDA for such purpose like the J5 Myomonitor TENS. The J5 Myomonitor TENS unit is an essential component of any NM dental practice and even more for those of us who do GNM dentistry. Without it, fundamentally, the dentist can not practice NM dentistry. TMD folks and doctors should all review the BioTens “Indications” for uses in their instructions…it is not indicated for bite registration.

4) In the ICCMO Position Paper it documents the efficacy of NM technologies in the diagnosis of TMD, the article cites over 160 studies. Please note that this is the official position statement of ICCMO, yet none of the BioResearch devices are named nor cited in the list of references. The article refers to Myotronics equipment generically and ALL studies cited in support of the efficacy of NMD were conducted with Myotronics equipment.

5) As a side note: Tek Scan promoted by BioResearch as far as I am aware does not advocate BioTENS in their adjustment protocols. The TMD folks should ask why?

6) Over 400 studies have documented the efficacy of the Myotronics system for diagnosis and treatment, because the sensor array is light, the software is simple to use, provides real time EMG and CMS recording, the TENS device is legally marketed for bite registration and the company (Myotronics) has truly been designing and marketing their devices for 49 years. Further, over 110 universities worldwide use Myotronics systems as part of their teaching curriculum or in the university clinics or research because of its accuracy and precision.

Further Response to Some Other Specific Issues that have been Raised Previously: 

1) BioResearch EMG noise buster is a software that is run after the doctor has collected the data to remove the noise. So they do not have real time noise rejection that everyone knows is essential for performing a valid bite registration ( The K7 technology is specifically designed to show the fine nuances of real time noise for accuracy and precision of a Scan 4/5 during bite recordings).

2) BioResearch has been claiming since the 80s that Myotronics uses a microphone and they use a “transducer”. This is a false statement.

3) They claim that they use FGM in their jaw tracker which is superior to hall effect. They do not reveal what FGM stands for. It is Flux Gate Magnetometer. It is a technology that was used in the former and original K1 to K5 device that have been discontinued in the early 80s!

4) Their ad calls their annual meeting their “46th” year event– similar to this other company that they would love to emulate!! For the record, BioResearch’s very first product for the TMD/NM market was released in 1986 (That is only 26 years ago…not some 46th). If they can not even work out the math to get the number right, how can one expect them to design a high technology medical device!

By the way, from what I am aware of most of the universities are not using Tek Scan in the Research department any longer because it is not accurate enough to the standards required to do research at a less than 20 micron level of occlusal adjustment.

I continue to advocate, teach and use my K7, J5 TENS as our protocols because of its precision, accuracy and truth to what it conveys about the neuromuscular system. It address even the complex TMD issues that I often see in the fine proprioceptive occlusal issues that I am able to effectively identify and resolve following our GNM protocols that uses low frequency TENS. I wish our profession had the eyes to see beyond the superficial issues.

– Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. – Las Vegas, NV

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