Understanding Principles: More than Technology

An Emphasis of IMPORTANCE – PRINCIPLES over Technologies

What all dentist need to learn and understand are the PRINCIPLES of what this type of technology is discovering and unveiling. If they understand the principles the dentist can then modify their traditional occlusal and TMD philosphies as well as modify their clinical methodologies to fit and be in better align with the biophysologic science. It doesn’t mean they all have to have these kind of technologies but they do need to learn what these technologies are unveiling…the technology definitely does not support a mechanical occlusal philosophy like centric relation methods when recording bite registrations, as example…. the technology shows that the bio physiologic neuromuscular concept is the right direction to go.

That is what all TMD treating clinicians need to realize…and from this kind of data and information adapt their protocols to better fit the neuromuscular bio-physiologic protocols that better helps patients. It is simple as that. Who says every dentist has to have K7 and J5 TENS. Learn the principles!

– Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. – Las Vegas, NV

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