Shifting Teeth: Why Retainers?


My upper and lower teeth shift without my retainer. I had braces before. Would the orthotic be effective if teeth are already prone to shifting?


IF, and only if the orthotic is properly positioning your upper and lower jaw in the correct neutral position, 2) if the orthotic is adjusted correctly so when you bite, chew and move your jaw around that your teeth are not getting bumped and hit in abnormal ways that causes your teeth to become mobile. This is why your dentist will have to pay attention to all these factors in order to stop any gums from receeding, and or bone loss to continue to occur. Shifting of teeth or mobility of teeth are mainly due to abnormal forces being placed on the teeth. The GNM orthotic when adjusted properly will help this significantly. I have had adult patients who were referred to me from periodontist and orthodontist who realized their patients teeth were moving and realized the bite/occlusion had something to do with thee abnormal shifts.

Teeth will shift when the bite and teeth are not lined up properly where your jaw muscles like to be. The muscles will continue to added pressures and forces to your teeth, unless it is corrected…so in the mean time it is prudent as typically to wear retainers to hold and maintain the position your orthodontist aligned your teeth.

Teeth don’t shift when they are lined up correctly with calm and unstraining muscles…It is a simple fact! The teeth will retain themselves when the muscles as well as tongue muscles are normalized. Great question!

– Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. – Las Vegas, NV

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