Central Nervous Systems Awareness and Occlusion

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There is an exact mechanism that creates an heightened occlusal awareness.


I know when there is an overwhelming amount of neural stimulation the muscles are off balance, teeth begin to occlude wrongly and the central nervous system (CNS) gets over stimulated…the awareness of the teeth increases and the person becomes hyper aware, which then leads them to uncontrolled thinking about their bites and the feelings kick in at high levels, and everything about them seems so hyped up that typical “normal” people with mal-occlusions with no pain can’t comprehend and understand why these hyped up individuals are focused on such things as teeth, muscles, joints, etc…. With this increased heightened occlusal awareness and sensitivity the treating clinician is faced with not just a bite problem but even more subtly is with the psyche emotion factors that are part of the TMJD syndrome issues of trying to find a way to calm down the overstimulated CNS. That is the challenge to bring the complete neuro-muscular (NM) system including the CNS to normal.

~Dr. Clayton Chan, Dds

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