Dentists don’t know how to adequately resolve muscle pain problems

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TMD involves teeth, muscles, joints and the central nervous system (emotions) of an individual. It involves masticatory dysfunction, pain and joint derangement issues with teeth, muscles and jaw joints involved.

The problem I see is that most dentist know how to fix, restore, replace, redo teeth, but they don’t know how to adequately resolve muscle pain problems that are associated with the teeth and deranged jaw joints. Some doctors just fixed the TM joints with surgery, but ignore the muscles and teeth. Other doctors just fix teeth and hope the joints follow and adapt even if they have condylar/disc problems…but few realize how to harmonize all three entities + the most import one, satisfy the emotional states of the distraught, irritated and emotionally wrecked patient who has been discouraged time and time again with all kinds of failed methods and philosophies of occlusion/TMD.

This is where OC GNM tries to fill in the missing gaps in doctors post graduate training, understanding and occlusal skills helping to better address the frustrations of all.

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