Pioneers, developers and innovators around the world and North American don’t wait for academics in dentistry

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Pioneers, developers and innovators around the world and North American don’t wait for academics in dentistry to arrive at a consensus to approve or give endorsement how best to find the optimal and physiologic mandibular position. 

They take action, analyze, review, scrutinize, develop, record, test and assess with tools and necessary technology to measure what was not seen or previously measured. The true gnathologists today go being the mechanics of articulators and face-bows and see value in measuring muscle physiology, measuring mandibular positioning responses to better understand where the best and optimal centric relation exists on their patients – they find the optimized “myo-centric” CR without manual intervention.

Ask the CA skeptics where is their scientific proof to validate that their CR is physiologic?

The international dental community has shown that CR is not truly bio-physiologic. Rather the student of CR naively believes this out dated mechanical concept is “physiologic” without ever measuring the muscle activities or their patients.  It is clear that CR has lost the battle in objectively measuring the validity and science of their occlusal philosophy.  They have not done their homework nor reported the bio-physiologic truths of their method.  The NM/GNM doctors have done their homework over these past 20+ years, thus they continue to challenge the system and ask the question with scientific curiosity how CR is truly physiologic and what scientific evidence does it have to stand on?

Academics will never do the hard work to make the difference within our profession to prove what is optimal and stable occlusion.  The politics and egos over the past 50+ years has proven this fact.

It is obvious that the OC GNM clinicians over these past 20+ years have moved ahead/progressed to find the gnathic + neuromuscular (GNM) answers to occlusion and how best to optimize the mandibular position based on EMGs, CMS measurements before and after dental TENS. I can state with confidence that OC doctors are advanced!  We are way ahead of what is being taught in North America, if not in the world regarding dental occlusion and TMD.  We are way ahead in our understanding and use of the Myotronics K7 kineseographic technology, EMGS, CMS, ESG and J5 dental TENS.

Academics are still trying to figure things out.  They may be waiting on answers from the literature, while the NM/GNM doctors are recording, collecting EMG and CMS data daily gathering the clinical science, doing their own research and finding real time answers that few will fully comprehend.

Know the past dental history and where we as OC doctors are at in our understanding today, how we practice, diagnose and treat our patients allows each of us to fully appreciate this amazing journey we are on.  Objective measured recordings don’t lie.  They tell the truth and reality.  If one doesn’t recognize the problem, they can’t effectively diagnose or treat it.  One can only treat what one really understands and knows.

As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know”.

We all know that most dentist typically don’t really study this kind of literature unless they are seriously trying to understand bio-physiologic science. 

These references are not even the real EMG science, but rather just some of the cited references related to sports performance and intra oral appliances, TAG, NM Guards, etc.

NM/GNM K7 Science is grounded on scientific literature not literature found in typical dental journals.  Where is the NM Science? It’s a question that is best answered when one is willing to search the whole universe to see the wonders of our great Creator God.  Here on earth, within the scientific community, the NM science is overwhelmingly there. Dentist just don’t know how to search or find it. Why?  Because they are not looking in the right places to understand the bio-physiology of the masticatory system.  I hope in our life time we will see the awakening of our dental professions education system about these matters.

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