Postural Alignment: Chan’s Dental Model

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By Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S.

Postural body alignment and balance are a significant aspect of optimal occlusal balance.

Mandibular position along with the associated entities of the temporomandibular joints, all the muscles of the masticatory system (including the muscles of the cervical and shoulder regions) have an effect on the lower back, pelvis, legs and feet.

Unstable pelvis is an important and significant concern, so we pay attention to those mal alignment as well. We correlate these issues to the occlusion as to how the functional disabling occlusal premature contacting surfaces intra orally can contribute negatively to other parts of the body in a descending downward pattern.

Chan’s Dental Model: DESCENDING


This is the Chan Dental Model as has been recognized and acknowledged by Dr. Brian Rathbart (professor and renowned podiatrist:


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