Epidemiological Studies and Research: TMD Confusion?

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Of course these studies are going to show all kinds of opinions and a variety of results from just about every kind of philosophy from psychosocial to biophysiologic thinking…it is a world of everything goes….naturally with all kinds of risk factors involved. But what we are all interested in is which route to Rome is the fastest and direct with the least amount of detours? Naturally literature is so confusing and complex as you have astutely acknowledged…. why is it so?

Perhaps, the answer may be found in the fact that most submitted research papers put into publications never even consider using measuring diagnostic tools to quantify muscle activity status nor mandibular positioning of their control and experimental groups, neither have they determined a fundamental premise of determining establishing “homeostasis or physiologic neutral” of any of their tested candidates. Thus, they are forced to arrive at conclusions and present their “opinions” in a skewed way. To which the world of data gathering is just gathering this kind of skewed and distorted data whether they want to acknowledge it or not. That is what has occurred. This is one of many reasons why clinical wet fingered dentists who see’s patients do not find that kind of research relevant to what we do in this TMD arena.

Food for thought.

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