GNeuroMuscular Dentistry – Addressing Occlusion as a Foundational Unit of the Body

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GNM is ADVANCED Clinical Application of Gnathic+NM Understanding.

Gneuromuscular (GNM) offers a profound contribution to the practice of dentistry.

Gneuromuscular (GNM) dentistry is the advanced form of neuromuscular dentistry (the science of objective measuring physiologic responses of the masticatory system). It combines both the advances in science with the clinical application techniques, protocols and methods of gnathology to effectively address the occlusal, muscular and temporomandibular joint issues that have been missed with dentistry. GNM is recognized by many to have further evolved beyond classical NMD teachings.

Today, with advanced training the clinically oriented dental physicians emphasis is placed on a view of the patient as a whole person, with four key principles central to the care of all patients:

  1. The body is a unit of mind, body and spirit
  2. The body is capable of self-regulation, self healing, and health maintenance,
  3. Anatomy (structure), bio-physiologic (function) of the postural system are reciprocally inclusive and interrelated between the cranio-mandibular and cervical over all postural structures,
  4. Rational diagnosis is based on objective measurements of physiologic responses in additional to subjective body responses and observations to arrive at effective comprehensive treatments.
  5. It is based upon these basic gnathic and neuromuscular principles that the advanced “gneuromuscular” (GNM) dental physicians use all conventional methods of diagnosis and treatment as well as their training in the proper use of electronic computerized diagnostics (CMS, EMG, TENS and ESG) with additional emphasis on the accurate, precise and detailed application of a more complete understanding from their findings how a healthy/physiologic vs. dysfunctional/pathologic (impaired) body mechanics as central to maintaining optimal health.Occlusion is key and foundational unit to advanced dentistry. Advanced dentistry begins with a comprehensive understanding of not just what is clinically observed in the physical realm but even more important what is not easily observed and recognized in the unseen world of GNM Dentistry and occlusion.

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