GNM Doesn’t Settle to Only Treat the 80%. What about the Remaining 20% of TMD Cases?

GNM dentist are trained to not only to address the 80% group of TMD folks, but more importantly we recognize the remaining 15-20% of difficult challenging cases we often overlook because of our limitations in technique and protocol should not be neglected (ignored). It is these smaller percentage groups that GNM also desires to address to test our occlusal and TMD paradigms of treatment. We believe it is rather easier to deal with the 80%, much more important and challenging is to treatment successfully the other 15-20%. 80% success is good, but increasing that success rate beyond the 80% requires protocols and an understanding that we want to acknowledge. We identify an optimized myo-trajectory using jaw tracking measurements to increased our clinical success.

It is important to know exactly how many square millimeters needs to be ground away on that sagittal plane to accommodate mandibular closure along an isotonic myo-trajectory. That is very important to know, which I know many TMJ layfolks realize is certainly missing amongst clinicians. GNM is conservative, that is why we measure and want to know our mandibular trajectories after TENSing. Hate to cut more tooth or add up on areas that don’t accommodate those physiologic parameters. Been their done that.

– Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. – Las Vegas, NV

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