Evolution of Today’s Centric Relation Thinking – A Broadening of Perspectives

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I believe our CR colleagues are moving closer toward Myocentric thinking as Dawson has acknowledge the “long centric” or “adaped centric” anterior to centric relation. I also believe the functional and neuromuscular are all refining their understanding toward Jim Garry’s (NM pioneer in airway and sleep obstruction) issues (a neuromuscular thinking) over these past 15 years. Electronic instrumentation and the data gathered from it during the diagnostic process whether it is before and or after TENS lends tremendous insight into physical conditions/pains (somatic or neuropathic) or whether psychological conditions (mood disorders and or anxiety disorders). Many of you doctors have seen the evolution and use of nm electronic instrumentation (before it was anti instrumentation and these devices, now the profession has slowly acknowledging its value and reasonable use) in different formats in dentistry. Yes, there have been many “AHA” moments for many, some reluctant to admit these facts, but a reality many are accepting that objective measured data has helped to enlighten the clinical arena of dentistry. Our profession now needs to spend the time in understanding what the data means at a detailed level rather than saying it doesn’t make sense and ignoring its diagnostic values.

Objective data as to what the patient’s physical functional/dynamic and or resting muscle modes might mean gives more strategic clinical and diagnostic insights to things that most reasonable clinicians might have overlooked. We are most likely working at different levels and focusing on things that concern or allows each one of us to diagnose and treat issues based on each one’s philosophy of understanding within our scope of dental practice. One can only treat what he/she is aware of. One can only diagnose what one sees. One cannot treat something if one is not aware of that particular underlying problem or whether it even exists. Thus, I chose to add objective diagnostic measurements as part of my comprehensive examination process and treatment process.

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