Patient Testimonial – GNM Treatment it has been a positive experience

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Years ago I was in treatment with a Dentist who had me several splints that increased my pain I could say 1000x. He continued to increase the height, or sit me only on molars saying it would help, he tried so many little “tricks” then told me braces would help. This only made matters worse. and also going into braces while in pain is not the answer. Pain meds, muscle relaxers, you name it.
Work was impossible, struggling day in and day out. I could no longer help my daughter Coaching Softball. I could no longer enjoy time with my family. Constantly going back to the Dentist every other day for adjustments that would not last but a day. I was miserable and in pain. No longer my funny, active, goofy self.This after he told me I needed Surgery, he basically gave up on me. I saw an NM Dentist Who wanted to increase the height of my teeth after 6 months of treatment of a fixed Orthotic. No concern with my joints, muscle pain nothing… I pretty much ran from there. I decided I was done, depressed, no longer enjoying life. No one knew what I was going to do, but I planned out how I was going to end things. One day at work, horrible storm I thought ok, one last try, except we lost power in the building. I was the only one to have power and no battery back up on my PC… Explain that one… even though I was about to completely lose my nerve I looked for help on the OC site for a GNM Dentist found one 3 hours out from me, and started communication, tears streaming down my face. Now I am a strong person, and I never show emotion like that.. ever. Everyone at work saw it. I was tired of getting sick from the pain, the headaches, the hurt. emotional overload. Fast forward the past 3+ years I have been in treatment with Dr. Gregory Yount Dmd My life has done a complete turn around. With the help of a Cervical Chiropractor, PT, things have improved to where I am pain free. I moved to Phase 2, and I have to admit, braces the second time around has been a lot better. Being almost 42, and in braces again, I’ll take it any day if it means I am getting better. I am able to work my crazy hours, go out with my husband, hang out with my Camaro friends, work on our cars, work on household projects, eat all the foods I missed so badly. While I know not to push myself and I have learned how to listen to my body, not to overdue things. I am not finished with treatment, we are taking it really slow phase 2, and will be starting on the bottom on the next appt. Still a long way to go, but with GNM Treatment it has been a positive experience, and no way I would have got here with guess work that I had been through in the past. Been there done that, bought the t-shirt, burned it in the fire-pit. So Yes, I support GNM, I see what it has done with others, I see what it is doing to me. I cannot praise it enough. Thank you for letting me share my journey with you, stay positive, keep fighting, and never give up. – Diana O’Brian