Optimal Health: Body, Mind and Spirit

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When I mention “spirit” I am not talking about religion. When I mention “spirit” I am referring to one’s ability to connect to something greater than yourself. If it means one needs to climb a mountain or go out in nature to get inspiration, go for it. If it means to others to go to church that is also great. It doesn’t really matter where you get it, but you have to have it (spirit). The mind can’t replace it. Neither the body.


All health care practitioners who value life’s essence realizes that the spirit in every human being is a powerful force that can play a significant roll in helping individuals who are near death experiences and or going through chronic suffering debilitating pain. If you don’t believe it, from my clinical training and experience, having treated complex TMD cases from around the world, what I’ve seen is those individuals that have been broken in body, mind and spirit needing to have mind talking to body, body talking to mind, spirit talking to mind and body, etc. This is what brings about optimal health. All three entities need to be talking to one another in order for complete healing of complex TMD problems to occur.

TMD is more than just a physical body disorder/disease.  It effects the mind and emotional aspects of the body as well. When those entities of the human being are taxed beyond ability and normal function….spirit must be present something humans innately have within them for healing and recovery. Treatment requires a treatment of the mind, body and spirit.

TMD patients who have been through alot of things can be broken in mind, body and spirit. Mind gets exhausted, body is physically worn down, fatigue, emotional distressed, depressed, etc. autonomics of the central nervous system are out of balance in a state of flight and fright….what is a doctor to do? Patients may have been diagnosed with a list of diagnosis, nothing is working, patients are told they have not cure….finding little hope in the health care system…what is the patient yo do after doctors have attempted to implement the best they knew how.

As dentists we can treat the body over and over, yet the patients keep coming back and not getting resolution. We have read all kinds of stories on these forums for years now, day in and day out here on Fb. Then doctors start considering an individuals mental state and perhaps they may not come back so often if it is more stable and sound….Occasionaly the dentists realize folks need to be connected to something greater than themselves…..”spirit” It is these individuals who have that realization of spirit who begin to move forward realizing that human spirit is a powerful entity that goes beyond the healing of mind and body healing. “There is a spirit in man”! (that includes men and women….all TMD patients who are distressed and suffering).

“The Good Healthy Mouth can work well in chewing, swallowing and speaking without inflicting injuries upon its parts. It does not wear out the teeth rapidly. While it is chewing it does not pack food between the teeth. It does not make its gums sore. It does not over-strain the investing tissues. Its muscles do not labor hard. it does not jump the condyles forward in closures. Its teeth follow the dictates of the condyles. It can function a long time and give great joy and health to its owners. If it is worth having, it is worth being developed and maintained in its full usefulness.”

– Dr. Harvey Stallard, 1954.

GNM addresses the physical realm – structural, cranio-mandibular, cervical. It may indirectly help the mind, emotions, but if the spirit is not there, no matter how good the doctor or technique the overall objective of treatment to reach maximum dental improvement may still be inadequate because of this missing or impaired part.


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