My Wishes for the Dental Profession

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I wish more doctors would objectively measure the functional and resting responses of the TMD patient. This would help the world community gain specific data as to what techniques and methods work and or don’t work. Which methods and protocols are effective vs. not effective. Objective measurements would also help remove the mysteries of TMD. Dental schools need to change their paradigms about K7 instrumentation data gathering if they desire to be cutting edge leaders and researchers to influence their students and dental community. Dentists need to learn what the K7 data means and how to properly use it and interpret the data accurately to appreciate their significance in clinical diagnostic interpretation and to aid in deciding how to implement effective treatment to the TMD patient. Without objective data and measurements, and with out proper understanding of the data confusion and mysteries will continue.

It is costly to society and to the profession when doctors and patients don’t know what should be known.


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