Application and Implementation is Key to Effective TMD Treatment

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Application and implementation is key to effective TMD treatment. Training is important, but requires skills and dedication to really treat the complex FB TMD patients. Continuous training never becomes out dated when treating real TMD patient cases on a continual bases from phase 1 – true stabilization, proven with technologies objective data before moving to phase 2 finishing treatment. Proving with objective data that phase 2 has been attained optimal to standards of health and function must be quantified to validate reaching maximum dental improvement without giving further excuse to a further cycle of multi discipline of health care providers.

Principles and application never becomes outdated when applied in a detailed manner clinically. OC GNM is cutting edge as many NM dentists recognized over these past 10 years….definitely not behind.

At the recent Myotronics 50th anniversary meeting. Many saw the difference from basic NM to advanced GNM reminding doctors what physiologic rest principles has been about…validating its dedication to sound detailed teachings that were first pioneered and advocated by Jankelson and Myotronics years ago. What they observed was not just diagnostics but skilled treatment application of these principles of both NM, and GNM concepts combined to a high level based on objective data proving that physiologic rest concepts have been achieved, proving that having theory and head knowledge is one thing, but actually having cases with data that clearly validate physiologic health both in EMG resting modes (not ignoring the cervical group or giving excuses for not measuring these critical regions), validating the principles of physiologic heath by meeting the standards of functional clench EMG amplitude parameters, normalizing aberrant swallowing patterns meeting those measured parameters and standards, meeting the parameters of healthy chew patterns proven the precision and details with jaw tracking instruments, proving that the patients mandibles with dysfunction and joint derrangements were treated to healthy physiologic positions, using EMGs at detailed micro occlusal parameters that effects the CNS from active to calm 5.5mV levels and balanced to microns and maintained to these positions over long periods of time – stable, pain free, no NM relapse.

GNM recognizes from experience there is no need to rush cases to phase 2 treatment. Stabilization and proving stabilization with the technological advances is key!

Meeting functional standards and criteria of physiologic/ functional health (not functional impairment or disability) can be always be objectively measured and displayed and proven with technology to show how the teachings and application of those teachings have been prudently applied. Validation comes when meeting those standards of proof.

Let’s educate the world on what those standards of physiologic healthy parameters are so every TMD patients knows when or whether they have worked with dentists who are able to help them reached MDI – (maximum dental improvement) to these established standards.


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