There is a difference between KNOWING THE PATH vs. WALKING THE PATH

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“In Dentistry, often times, intellectually, we know what the right path for us is. We think about it, contemplate it and envision it and mentally know what we need to do. Yet we fail to execute it. It’s much harder to walk the path simply because it takes discipline and consistent effort to act upon what we know.

1. Knowledge is knowing specific facts, principles and concepts.

2. Comprehension is the ability to explain a point.

3. Application is using previously known facts to solve a problem.

4. Analysis is the ability to break a product apart into its requisite elements or logical components.

5. Synthesis is the ability to create something.

6. Evaluation is the ability to judge quality.

When it comes to knowing what we need to do or how we can reach our goals, knowledge is an important factor. But there’s one thing that is even more important – and that is experience. Experience is what allows us to fine tune what is really going to work for us and what is going to help us get to where we want to be. Experience is our best teacher because we learn through actually doing it through trial and error.  We experience what works and what doesn’t work. Abstract knowledge will only get us so far.  Experiencing what we know will happen by deciding to take action and doing it.  This is how knowledge becomes an experiential walk.

Do you know the path, or are you walking the path?”

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