Physiologic Based Dentistry Now: Before It Was NM – What Changed?

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by Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. – Founder/Director of Occlusion Connections, Las Vegas, NV

Are they professing NM or physiologic? It’s a bit confusing. They maybe in a state of transition and if so….. They better get out of NM as soon as possible, because the true NM doctors have been tolerating this type of confusing and Fake NM message for way too long.

The term “Neuromuscular Dentistry” NM was a Dr. Jankelson/Myotronics term which they once recognized and endorsed in their former NM teachings so proudly and prominently…but now that a clear separation has occurred as to the electro-diagnostic company supporter, Myotronics/NM is no longer with them [former “NM” teaching institute, Las Vegas] they seem to have chose another path. Now, profess to be all inclusive of everything?

Neuromuscular Believes in Total Body Health.

NM believes in total body health. Jankelson wrote the most definitive text on the principles and science on NM in history which no “physiologic dentist” can deny nor surpass in the quality of written published content/materials that have revolutionized and changed this professions thinking. To profess that you have gone beyond such is a huge distortion as well as a wishful dream in thought. All the doctors who have learned GNM from OC know that Clayton Chan is strong proponent of NM and has always been so. We have never deviated from our use and commitment to NM, whole body health and seeing the power and value in Myotronics K7 even after all these past 17 years. In fact we have stayed the course, practice the NM principles to levels beyond in advanced ways most can’t even comprehend to get the results we get,…this is reason why G + NM has succeed with many of our colleagues who are also experienced NM dentists and have seen the difference, since learning the G. They know the history of NM that goes way back from Dr. Bernard Jankelson days through the ICCMO and cosmetic dentistry era and to the present and have stuck to it to see who the progression of all venues….These are the real dedicated NM dentists who practice the teachings of Jankelson vs. the pseudo NM dentists (no longer profess Myotronics/Jankelson), micro occlusal details and application after all these years. They don’t water or dumb anything down to distort what NM is really about.

Today many dentists have lost the spirit and essence of what NM was founded on – objective, measured and quantifiable clinical results. We know what has been missing all these years….and the folks here realize the difference. We believe in advanced application and strategic implementation of sound NM principles. They know who is actually practicing what they profess vs. those who talk, yet don’t actually treat FB TMD patients….. I believe this forum has gone way beyond the curve of what some who recently joined are just now realizing what they have been missing for the past 10 years. GNM hasn’t missed a beat…. we continue to lead and be the leader in this arena.

We practice what we teach with real TMD patients who are complex. None of us dentists (whether we teach, lecture or whatever we do) can fool the wise, prudent and very experience discussion forum TMD folk. They know!

Defining the TMD Patients on Internet Forums

Many of our OC NM/GNM trained colleagues have recognized over these past years that FB TMD patients are routinely more difficult and complex and present with a lot or more challenges than what many of us dentist have comprehended or experienced compared to treating easy, simple or moderate TMD cases. Difficult TMD cases and or complex problems are here on these forum. They are not of the typical garden variety of TMD most see in our routine GP practices. When the TMD case is of the complex levels that is when ones training will be tested both in time, effort, skills, knowledge and understanding. The world will hear about ones success and or failures Let’s all try to get our TMD fb members stable and see how well our understanding stands up to their scrutiny.

  • Mandy Burgess Holley Clayton, are you saying that because I haven’t taken one of your classes outside of LVI and all of my training has been through LVI, that I’m not equipped to successfully treat TMD?? I actually had 2 patients just yesterday transition into phase 2 ortho symptom free after my orthotic therapy. I’m curious…what is so different about what you’re doing that can improve what I’m doing? My patients seem pretty happy to stable and pain free.

Mandy Burgess Holley no we are not asking for you to take one of our courses. Just apply the NM principles as originally advocated by Dr. Jankelson, using FDA “dental approved” TENS (no medical TENS) technology and then proceed to try to help some of these complex FB TMD discussion forum members who are challenged and test your clinical skills, knowledge and understanding for phase 1 TMD stabilization. Implement objective measurements to quantify and see with objective data to confirm whether you reached minimal standards of physiologic health vs, dysfunction or physical impairments with objectivity. As all good NM/physiologic dentists we should all achieve and meet those physiologic rest standards for these patients both in mandibular positioning, resting EMG modes, functional EMG modes, velocity modes and ESG joint sound standards of health…. not leave our patients in dysfunction for others to deal with. That is all these FB TMD patients are asking.

Doctors on these forum who treat FB TMD cases from these forums soon realize that these folks are not the same as other typical TMD patients. They are more complex, more educated, more experienced and highly aware and will require, extra doctor skills, knowledge, understanding, technique and abilities. That is a difference each doctor who participates on these forums will in time find out if they open themselves to actually try to take on one or more of these greatly in need FB TMJ/TMD Discussion Group forum members as a patient in your care.. Please doctors try to help our members here on this forum. Patients here are searching for qualified experienced dentists who understand their TMD and occlusal problems and can apply and accurately implement their teachings above and beyond. It is a whole body matter!

The TMD folks here are experts at vetting their dentists and will ask appropriate questions of you (the clinician) to see if you are qualified to treat them.


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