Patient Testimonial How GNM Saved My Life: No Sales Pitch

Diana Roland O’Brien – Anderson, Indiana, U.S.A.

Sales Pitch…. hm… Well let me tell you how GNM Saved my life.

My Story starts out with having headaches and sensitive teeth. I was put into a Splint (Gelb) and instantly the pain became worse. Tight neck muscles, tight facial muscles,tight band wrapping my head, headache intensified, tingles down my arm and fingers, eye pain. jaw cracking, jaw pain shooting down the center of my jaw, I locked 2x on it after having it for only 4 months. Only thing the dentist could do is continue to flatten the plane and then build it back up taller than before. When I continued to get worse, he would take it and build it up more vertical. I would wake in horrible pain; I just knew I was getting worse. Some days just getting out of bed just to curl into a ball because of the headache and other pains, was all I could do. I would beat my head into a wall for a few seconds of relief of pain. I would go back to my Dentist every couple days and we would do it again, then he started with pain pills and muscle relaxers, and would tell me how I wasn’t listening to him just so I could continue with what I felt like was a bit of life left trying to do my job at work. I did everything he said to a T, why? I wanted to get better. We even did braces because he said it would help!! I couldn’t eat real foods, all soft mush, or shakes. My jaw hurt, my jaw cracked, it always sounded like glass in my joint area. You have no idea how many times I just wanted to ram my car into oncoming traffic because MY Dentist wouldn’t listen to ME. I was dying I was in so much pain.

My family was watching me wither away. I didn’t want to live anymore, the pain had consumed me. 32 ibuprofen a day on top of pain pills and muscle relaxers, I wanted to be numb and nothing worked. I constantly hurt. My Dentist was having me double up on the pain pills and even that didn’t work anymore; I am surprised I have organs left at all. I saw a Chiropractor he recommended who cracked me, put weights on my neck, next thing I know I had an over curve in my neck when I saw the new X-rays and it became a huge red flag. Did the Chiro say anything was wrong? NO. I stopped treatment with him. Started seeing an A/O, I eventually switched to a NUCCA.

Fast forward I gave up, enough pain after my Dentist yelled at me one day saying I wasn’t listening to him. He made me cry right there in his office. All my pain was my fault. He told me my only answer was surgery. I told him we were done, (he had me in Phase 2 saying the braces would fix my jaw, except I had teeth piling on top of one another, he had no idea how to align teeth.) So I started looking for help elsewhere.

I found Dr. Gregory Yount Dmd on Dr. Clayton A. page. He has taken all of Dr. Chan’s courses, so I contacted him right away and asked for help. From there I have been in the best hands ever. He takes his time and is so thorough with everything he does. It’s not a simple in and out visit. We tens, we check the bite, and then the fun begins. The K7 comes out and the scanning begins. We do not stop until we have that bite as perfect as we can get it, paying attention to all the little details. We go through a lot of articulating papers, and wax to get where we need to be, we don’t stop and say ok looks and feels good. No, it’s not guess work. Lots of training and in the end I am doing so much better than when I was in the other unmeasured acrylic Flat Plane. I have full contact, balance. Strength tests prove it. My muscles are happy. My Joints are happy. My Shoulders are no longer tight; I no longer have tingles running down my shoulder into my fingers. No eye pain, I do not Clench/Grind (Brux) on my GNM Orthotic as if I am eating it all night long. I do not wake with jaw pain, or other issues, no tight band wrapping my head. My ROM has increased dramatically. The Scans show this, my body shows this. I am now in phase 2, and moving along!

Patients can have more issues and it can take a while to get the whole body in balance. This is why it is recommended that you see a Cervical Chiropractor, and PT while seeing your Dentist. You have to work on the whole body. It might take you a few Chiropractors until you find one that works for you, Whether it is a NUCCA, Or A/O, No, I am not talking about a “back cracker”. NUCCA / A/O’s check the Cervical structure which can throw off the entire body, just have it go off a couple degrees to one side and you will now lean off to one side. Imagine what it will do to your head, jaw, shoulders, hips, knees, and feet. All CONNECTED.
All of this has been a life saver literally for me. So when I can I will help others who need it, I will always learn when I can. I have been through hell and made it. For that I will always fight for what I feel is something I believe in, and this is something that works, it’s not an overnight fix. You are not going to be better in 2 weeks, 1 month 4 months, you will feel better, yes, but you didn’t get TMJD overnight, and you will not heal overnight. Other Patients go through the same thing and they feel the same. How can a piece of Acrylic change the way a person feels? When Dentists have proper training, using all testing possible like the K7, listening to the patient, and having patience! Like I always say “It is a whole body issue.” Facts do not lie. How much more evidence does someone need?

Sales Pitch….. No…. Life saving technique…

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