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When dentists shift from “teeth/occlusion” the key focus of “dent” in dentistry – no longer masters of proper tooth form or optimal function of masticatory system (lost vertical dimension, lost AP, frontal lateral, lost pitch, yaw and roll) leading to a distorted mandibular to maxillary relationships >>> cranial distortions, joint derangement, hyper muscle activity, skews, strains, growth disorders, etc, CNS is now scrambled with the limbic system going hay wire, motor cortex controls voluntary movements is now weakened reinforcing the cycle of dysfunctions.

Academic Dentists – 
Academic dentists rather focus on literature studies of so called “evidence based” which typically are resourced from biased regurgitation of other studies which also perpetuate their bent toward a particular philosophy, concept, idea without a complete perspective on the simple yet basic premise of proper occlusal form and function…. this is what they call scientific basis…insurance third party plays up on these findings to support their academic system of confusion and at the same time demanding wet fingered clinicians to arrive at a proper “craniomandibular diagnosis” while dentists have little time to write a proper report based on objective measured findings to support such a diagnosis for their TMD patients…why…because they are treating patients…. so confusion continues because dentists forget to do the basics and totally ignore the reality that occlusal incline planes and their contacting relationships in the mouth actually do matter and related to either a taking away or adding to the proprioceptive signaling to the occlusal muscle joint system either add to the dysfunctions or improve the system to physiologic health.

When dentists relegate this awareness to cad cams dentistry and or assume the lab will make the proper splint or anatomical orthotic and the dentists no longer has a sense and keen awareness that small occlusal imbalances or tiny high spots in the wrong place in the mouth can lead to immediate hyper muscle activity responses from a single contact force vector that spreads like a sunami wave of devestation throughout the complete human bodies structural, emotional and even biochemical system…. and they say…OCCLUSION DOESN’T MATTER???

Blame Game –
Blame it on cranial this or that, or identify the problem as an “orofacial” pain issue rather than a Myofacial pain problem, or how ignore the musculoskeletal occlusal pain issues, no….call it craniomandibular… or just call it whatever one feels appropriate to fit their whims of interest…”thoracic outlet syndrome, or fibromyalgia, or get fancy and call it “neuropathic pain” or traumatic neuralgia or atypical odontalgia, or…maybe some neuritis. Somatic pains >> musculoskeletal pain >> muscle pain >> inflammation, spasm pain myofacial pain muscle soreness, co-contraction then there is TMJ pain >> arthritic pain, capsular pain, retrodiscal pain, ligamentous pain, etc, etc.etc… so you can see how these pains branch out into all the various ailment further leading to psychologic conditions >>mood disorders, anxiety disorders, stress, mal adaptive behavior, coping style, malingering, other conditions….

Name these TMD problems whatever they want…dangle the fancy terms and make up other terms to catch every ones attention as something new and ignore the discipline of occlusion (the foundation to advanced dentistry) and hope….dentists don’t further ignore the basics to gnathic and basics to neuromuscular.

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