MICRO-OCCLUSION the Key to GNM Success

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MICRO OCCLUSION is a key physiologic principles to effectively and successful manage the patients occlusion. It is those dentists who appreciate and understand the importance of the finer details in how one’s upper and lower teeth come together as well as all the functional movements (in a detailed manner) that are profoundly significant to maintain proper postural body alignment, form and function. It is the occlusion (the bite) and postural dimensional relationship in the mouth that are critical to ones overall postural health and well being.

Mis-managment of the bite leads to increased muscle strain and postural abnormalities.

When the teeth do not properly fit together various degrees of structural deformities result in a domino effect of masticatory occlusal accommodations and postural compromises confusing the clinician as to why and how best to manage this exquisite detailed system.

Fundamental Principles that GNM Trained Dentist Follow When Establishing Physiologic Occlusion

  1. žThe dentist must develop freedom of entry and exit to an optimal “Myo-centric” position.
  2. žThe dentist must remove all interfering occlusal prematurities that disrupts an isotonic movement of the patients mandibular and associated systems contributing to disability (functional impairment – dysfunction) or what some called unhappy muscles.
  3. žNo hindrances to prevent harmony and balance to the cranio-mandibular cervical  system should be tolerated.
  4. The dentist must establish an occlusal balance that supports normalized upper head posture, cervical/neck harmony and lower body alignment.  Without a proper bite/occlusion the cervical neck recovery, spine and body alignment will be slowed.  Proper occlusion must be established and is crucial and foundational for the body to align and maintain stability.
  5. žThe dentists refined occlusion is key in bringing stability to C1/Atlas, Occiput, pelvis, TM Joints, muscles and CNS.  Without good and supportive occlusion adjunctive therapies rendered will be compromised in a faster recovery to the postural system
  6. Occlusion requires discipline to implement.  It is not easy…it’s refined work, takes time and attention to details!  Stamina and patience is required on art of the patient and dentists.
  7. Establishing proper occlusion that is both balanced and functional is a team (patient doctor) process.

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