DENTAL OCCLUSION – Is no longer a Mystery

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Did your dental school train you well in occlusion?

Less than 1% of practicing dentists in North America have the ability, skills to treat, recognize and see the occlusal/ TMJ problems.  A very small number of dentists are able to TREAT the masticatory dysfunctions, pains and joint derrangment problems that are prevalent in the every dental office today.  (151,500 practicing dentists, U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016-17).  

An improper relationship of the lower jaw to the cranium can result in many medical symptoms.

  • Cervical, neck and shoulder pains
  • Temporomandibular Joint problems – displaced discs, limited mouth opening problems
  • Crowding teeth and mal-aligned teeth causing posterior jaw closure patterns.
  • Anterior open bite relapse problems.
  • Over closed bites.
  • Tender muscles upon palpation.
  • Upper airway obstruction problems.
  • Toothaches are often due to abnormal occlusal forces.  Root canaling a tooth does not rid the underlying problems.

Do you ignore them or address these issues and more….?

80% of practicing dentist restore, reconstruct, replace, redo, alter, extract, maintain their patients teeth with limited understanding of the bio-physiology of occlusion.  Limited understanding in diagnosis, TMD and occlusal issues results in a huge missed opportunity to getting patients actually healthy.  Most dental patients with musculoskeletal occlusal symptoms go unrecognized by dentists within our profession as every day occurrence of unrealized managed neglect.  This should NOT BE the standard of care.  Our patients deserve better…this is not right!


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