Orthodontic Retrognathic Maxillary Orthopedic Correction of Anterior Open Bite

Myotronics K7 kineseograph and low frequency myomonitor J5 TENS is used to confirm before treatment position as well as mid progress and after orthodontic treatment mandibular position.  Data confirms that an optimized myo-trajectory has been maintained and the mandibular position was not compromised in a posterior direction when completing this case.  (Each gradicule=square grid is 1 mm).

Condylar disc relationship is maintained stable on an Optimized myo-centric position.  Patient presents with no longer having click or popping complaints.

An orthopedic verticalization protocol is used to transition the existing orthotic position to the final natural dentition while still maintaining the orthotic position stable.

Janice Okamura 4

Janice Okamura 5

Janice Okamura 6

Ortho GNM Anterior Open Bite Closure - Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S.

This GNM orthodontic protocol is carefully accomplished while making sure the muscles are maintained at the stable position through out the treatment.  The temporomandibular joints are also maintained to the same position using the GNM orthotic as the “orthopedic guiding matrix” during the transitioning process.